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Dr. Puneet Gulati - Neurologist | Trinity Spine and Neuro Clinic

Patient Philosophy

Our goal is to provide world-class patient care utilizing our skills, experience, and caring. We treat your entire person. In today’s world, there are many pressures put on doctors to see high volumes of patients. We take the patient/doctor relationship back to earlier times when emphasizing the importance of preserving an appropriate amount of time for history taking and a detailed physical exam yielded the most accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis and the treatment plan are then explained to the patient and family in detail.

Our home-like clinic reflects our caring philosophy as well. It is a place where you feel relaxed, appointments are easily made – and a staff that always treats you with a warm and friendly attitude.

Healthcare as a Decision-Making Process

When you’re looking for the best neurosurgeon, neurologist, spine specialist, or any doctor for that matter, objective training and experience are important — but it’s really more about finding the doctor who is best for you.

Many people approach healthcare in a prescriptive fashion, i.e. they go to a doctor with a list of complaints and come out of the doctor’s chamber in a couple of minutes with a prescription. However, this approach seldom works in the case of neurological and spinal ailments owing to their inherent complexity. Here, your doctor needs to understand and analyze your symptoms in detail, understand your lifestyle, discuss various treatment options with you, and then jointly formulate a treatment plan with you. This is a collaborative approach where you are free to ask questions and discuss in detail the pros and cons of various treatment options.


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