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Epilepsy Treatment Specialist

A brain ailment called epilepsy, sometimes referred to as a seizure disorder, is characterized by recurrent seizures. Different kinds of epilepsy exist. For some individuals, the reason is known. In certain cases, the reason is unknown. Epilepsy is a prevalent condition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 1.2% of Americans are living with active epilepsy. People of various ages, genders, races, and ethnic backgrounds are affected by epilepsy. The signs of seizures might differ greatly. While some people do not lose consciousness during a seizure, others might. During a seizure, some individuals look away for a brief period of time. Some people may have convulsions, which are characterized by jerky movements of the arms or legs. One seizure does not indicate that one has epilepsy. When two unprovoked seizures occur at least 24 hours apart, epilepsy is diagnosed. The etiology of unprovoked seizures is unclear.

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